Bife à Cavalo: Filet Mignon, Quail Egg, Manioc-Milk Polenta, and Smoky Black Bean Sauce

One of my favorite meals as a child was Bife à Cavalo, which literally translate to Horse-style Beef. Don’t ask me why “Horse-style”, because I have no idea. My best guess would be that this meal is perfect to feed someone that’s as hungry as a horse! The traditional Brazilian version of Bife à Cavalo is steak, usually something like a flat-iron steak, fried egg, fries, rice and beans.

With a little tweaks here and there, I updated this old Brazilian favorite to something a little more my style. I thought that instead of the fries, rice and beans I would make pirão de leite, which is manioc flour, milk and a little bit of water cooked over medium heat until it has a polenta style texture! Its ooey gooey creamy heaven!

Still wanting to incorporate some smoky bean flavor to my dish, I threw some leftover black beans that I had previously cooked with a variety of smoked meats in the blender with a tiny bit of malagueta pepper and beef stock. I then strained it so it was smooth, liquid consistency and heated it over medium heat. I topped my pirão de leite and smoky black bean sauce with a seared Filet Mignon I had bought at Whole Foods earlier. My birthday is coming up so I thought I'd get myself a little early birthday gift (yes, my birthday gift to myself was a piece of steak... don’t judge me.) I crowned my tenderloin with a precious sunny-side-up quail egg. I just couldn’t resist that tiny little thing!

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