Emme on Fox's MasterChef!

Back in January, I heard about a local audition for a show on Fox called MasterChef, featuring Gordon Ramsey. They were on a search for amature chefs, passionate foodies, the ultimate dinner party host....and I thought to myself "THAT'S ME"!

All of the week leading up to the Sunday audition, I tried not to put too much thought behind it and go with the flow, as I do with most everything in life. However, I couldn't avoid it any longer and on Sunday morning I woke up doubting myself. Do I really have what it takes? I am just fooling myself. My mom called me to see if I was up and ready and I wasn't. I told her I wasn't going to go. I had been putting off preparing myself so much, that I didn't even know what dish I was going to take with me to the audition! I was sure that hundreds of people had been preparing, tasting and testing their dishes all week!

After a few minutes of confidence boosters from Mommy and a couple of minutes of brainstorming a game plan, I got my butt up, prepared a delicious mussel soup topped with a spicy relish and headed to my audition. After two and a half hours in line, I presented my plate to the judge, Erick Tanaka!

"AMAZING," were his exact words. As my heart beat faster and faster he continued, "after hundreds of food tasting today, I can still tell you that was really good."

And with that, I was handed the "golden ticket" and advanced to the next round. A couple months, various interviews and endless emails later, I got the call. I made it on the show as one of the Top 50 contestants out of thousands of people from accross the nation!

The show airs Tuesday, July 27th on Fox and will feature the other contestants and I cooking our signature dish for Gordon Ramsey, Graham Elliot Bowles, and Joe Bastianich.

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Laurie's Kitchen said...

That is the coolest story.....I can't wait to see the show!!