A Savory Sweet Treat: Parmesan Pound Cake

This week I had an odd craving: something sweet with a hint Parmesan cheese. Yes, I know, it sounds odd. But, in Brazil we have many sweet treat recipes that call for the salty cheese. I remembered my mom once made a tapioca-Parmesan cheese cake, which had more of a custard-like texture to it. The flavor was delicious, but I wanted more of a cake texture – more specifically, a pound cake texture. I craved for that rich and buttery, dense but moist texture, so I decided to make Parmesan pound cake.

I started out with a basic yellow cake batter my mom used to make, that resembled a pound cake. Her cakes always turned out dense but moist, and I wanted this one to have that same attribute. I added some freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano to the batter and baked it until golden brown.

My first go at it, the cake turned out a little bit drier than I would’ve liked it to. So after a little tweaks here and there I perfected my formula and the result was magical.

For some strange reason, I love taking a bite out of the cake while it is still hot and fresh out of the oven. In fact, my mom would always yell at me for doing so when I was younger. In Brazil, one of our many superstitions is that if you eat a hot/warm cake you will get severe cramps! I can promise you now, I never experienced such cramps. There is just no describing how delicious the flavors in this cake are. It’s a mixture of savory and sweet that balance each other so well! You can definitely taste the Parmesan in there, but interestingly enough it doesn’t seem out of place.


Luciana McCadden said...

God Job Emme.

Luciana McCadden said...

Keep it up girl, making great food and spreading to Brazil and our culture.

nbrown280 said...

Emme, Looks so delicious!!