Caldo Verde Cremoso - A Creamy, Lactose-Free Soup

 Have I mentioned to you all how much I am loving my culinary school experience? Seriously, for me to wake up at 7am and go to school for six hours all with a big smile on my face is incredible! And I don’t think I’ve ever aced every single test I’ve been given. EVER! It makes me super happy to know that I’ve made the right decision and am following a path that was destined for me. I also know that I am blessed to have made this discovery at such a young age.

Today when I came home from school I was in a mood for a creamy soup. I remembered a soup my mom used to make called caldo verde. Caldo verde is a traditional Portuguese soup made with collard greens, potato, and linguiça (Portuguese sausage). The soup is simple and has great flavors, but is really thin and brothy. Being that I was in the mood for something with a little more body and creaminess, I had the bright idea of making it a caldo verde cremoso—creamy caldo verde.


Since regular milk has been upsetting my stomach lately and I have family members that are lactose-intolerant, I chose to use Lactaid whole milk in my caldo. It transformed the usually thin soup into creamy, thick heaven—sans the upset stomach!

For my Caldo Verde Cremoso recipe and othe lactose-free recipes visit Moovision.

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