Cookies Across America

This past Saturday, Denise and I had a super sweet morning! We were invited by All Recipes to go down to their Seattle headquarters and decorate cookies for their "Cookies Across America" campaign. Needless to say, Denise had a blast licking decorating cookies! There was a packed house  and, as you can see from the pictures bellow, loads of beautifully decorated cookies. It's safe to say, All Recipes did a fabulous job of putting together a successful party!

Now, before you start feeling a bit jealous, we did not get to eat those gorgeous cookies. The Cookies Across America campaign is all about baking and sharing cookies with those less fortunate in your community. The campaign runs through the whole month of December, so even you still have time to "bake a difference" in your community.

Check out the Cookies Across America Meetup site to join a cookie exchange party near you or plan your very own cookie exchange with family and friends!  

A special thanks to the All Recipes team for inviting me to participate in their cookie exchange and for teaming up with Taste of Home and Nestle to create this wonderful campaign!

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Gina said...

How cute is this. Too bad I'm not closer, I'd be happy to swap cookies for truffles. Hoping you and your family has a Merry Christmas.