A Snowy Suprise & More on Honey Ridge Farms


If you haven’t heard, much of Washington was blanketed with snow and ice for a few days. Some of us Seattlelites, like me, were prepared for only ONE snowy day. Little did we know that it would turn out to be a little more dragged out than we had expected.

After spending all of Wednesday inside – I HATE snow/cold – I developed a severe case of cabin fever yesterday. With a three year-old running around like a mad woman, I had had enough and decided I needed to face my nemesis. So, I toddled along nearly ten blocks of snow and ice to the grocery store, all along hoping not to be that idiot caught on the news falling on my behind. I hoped that preparing a delicious meal would cure my cabin fever and rid me of my funk. After making an amazing braised beef sandwich at school last week, I had a taste for steak drenched with a thick, green, garlicky, spicey sauce.

As, I was preparing my sauce, I think I got a little out of control while squeezing the lime and my sauce turned out to be a little more acidic than I intended. I then instantly remembered that I had done the same thing at school the other day – I may have some suppressed anger issues with lime – and my instructor told me to add a little bit of sugar to balance the acidity out. So, I reached for the sugar and to my horror, we were all out! But, just bellow my empty sugar jar, I spotted a jar of delicious Honey Ridge Farms honey crème. I figured honey is as sweet as sugar, so a put a dollop in my sauce. The result was a real surprise! The honey crème not only added a hint of sweetness to counter balance the acidity, but it elevated the sauce into something sugar wouldn’t have been able to, with an undertone honey taste!

The sauce turned out even better than the one I made at school. I would suggest using it on any type of meat, especially beef. It is quick and easy, you just throw the ingredients into the blender and voilà! Whether it is stuffed in pancakes, used in a savory sauce, or spooned into your mouth right out of the jar Honey Ridge Farms honey crème just will amaze you every time, so click here to get yourself some!

One more surprise before I sign off. Last week, I got the chance to speak with the owner of Honey Ridge farms, Leanne Goetz. Besides the fact that their products are of superior quality and delicious, I love the fact that they are a family business. Being a family business girl myself, I am all for supporting families working and building something together! Read bellow to learn more about Leanne, her family, the company and the beekeeping business:
FS: How did you get started in the honey/beekeeping business?

Leanne: I grew up with it – my father was a beekeeper for many years – running up to 4,000 colonies of bees. My father taught my son Ryan who is a fifth generation beekeeper in our family. We had uncles, cousins and grandfathers on both sides of my family that have been commercial beekeepers. . My father suggested I start selling my son’s honey at farmers market. That’s how we got started – selling honey at the local Farmers Market – we grew from there.

FS: Can you describe the beekeeping business to those of us that are not familiar with it?

Leanne: I’m not sure how much detail you want here but it involves caring for and maintaining the health of the bees, finding appropriate locations for the best honey production, and of course, pollination is a large part of beekeeping these days. Ryan is actually moving bees this month to California for the almond pollination.

FS: I see that your son, Ryan, is also involved in the business. I am a family business girl myself and love it! What’s your favorite part about running a family business?

Leanne: I like the freedom of having my own business. Ryan runs his business now separately and handles the beekeeping end of it. I work with the production of our honey products. My other two children are not involved in the business full time – one is working on her Master’s degree for early childhood education and my youngest son who is 13 only works in the summer with Ryan.

FS: Your company features a variety of different products, from honey crèmes to balsamic honey vinegar. Who creates these different products?

Leanne: I am the one that has created our product line. That’s what I like to do!

FS: What is your favorite Honey Ridge Farm product?

Leanne: Serrano Balsamic Honey Vinegar and Lemon Honey Crème.

FS: Can you describe how Honey Ridge Farm products are uniquely different from other honey-based products out there?

Leanne: We were the first to create Balsamic Honey Vinegar and have “pioneered” the product in the USA. We use only natural ingredients in all of our products. Our honey crèmes are made slightly different from the “traditional” method of creaming honey. Many other honey crèmes use artificial flavorings instead of real fruit in their products. Also, ours are more spreadable than most other creamed honeys. We also only use USA produced honey, therefore supporting USA beekeepers. We never import honey from other countries.

Thanks again to Leanne for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions!


Spicy Cilantro Honey Sauce

1 1/2 cups lightly packed  cilantro leaves
2 tbsp coarsely chopped parsley
1 tbsp coarsley chopped garlic
1 tbsp Honey Ridge Farms Clover Honey Creme
3 tsp fresh squeezed lime juice
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

Combine ingredients in a blender and puree.

*Disclosure: I was not paid any compensation for reviewing this product. All that was stated above was based on my sole opinion of the product