Cumin & Sweet Chili Honey Glazed Chicken

Just when I thought Honey Ridge Farms couldn't offer up another new, delicious, flavor enhancing product, they surprise me again! A couple of weeks ago Honey Ridge Farms sent me their new set of honey sauces and glazes. I received  a ginger-lime honey glaze, a sweet chili honey glaze and a honey ridge grilling sauce. 

These sauces and glaze are perfect for this time of year when everyone is breaking out their grills! But, if you live in Seattle you would know that summer has been pretty much non-existent in these parts. With highs of 70 degrees F and the on again off again drizzle, there is no way I am breaking out a grill any time soon. But, what's great about Honey Ridge Farm's sauces and glaze is that they are not created just for bbq-ing. Take this Cumin and Sweet Chili Honey Glazed Chicken I prepared for dinner the other day. After a quick 30 minute marinade in the sweet chili honey glaze, the chicken was bursting with a sweet and spicy flavor.  The marinade was so flavor that I didn't even add any extra salt to my chicken before searing it. I sprinkled it with a little bit of cumin for a earthy note and seared it to golden brown perfection! Served with a side of colorful summer veggies, it was a simple, fast and insanely flavorful meal.

If you have been blessed with a little bit of sunshine lately, I encourage you to break out your grill, grab some chicken from the supermarket and Honey Ridge Farm's Sweet Chili Honey Glaze for the perfect summer cookout! You can browse the different sauces and glaze and other Honey Ridge Farms product  here