About Me

I was born in Salvador, Bahia, a city on the northern coast of the beautiful country, Brazil. I spent the first six years of my life there. Those six years were fundamental in shaping the rest of my life. Brazil is so rich in culture and, like most of it's Latin neighbors, food is a huge part of that culture.

My motive for starting this blog is to share with you, my readers, the enthralling culture of Brazil. I’ve obviously been around food all my life. When I was a baby, my mom- who is my biggest role model in the kitchen- owned a catering company. It was run from our house in Salvador, so my earliest and fondests memories are of me watching and helping my mom and her staff - who were mostly my family members- cook and bake. My first recipe was baking a cake from scratch at the age of three!

My parents, along with a family friend, opened a Brazilian restaurant in Seattle in 2001. I remember always wanting to be at the restaurant, and wanting to help the servers (even if was just bussing a table!) From the age of 16, I have worked as a server at various restaurants including my parents’. After a while, I started to really develop a big interest for the culinary aspect of the restaurant business. When I started exploring that area more, I just felt that that was where I was meant to be. So, I decided to focus my attention and energy toward my love for food. Although I love all types of food and cuisine, most of my cooking is heavily influenced by my Brazilian culture.

I currently reside in Seattle, WA with my high school sweetheart Michael and our beautiful three year-old daughter  Denise, who's daily and favorite meal is arroz com feijão!

Making holiday breakfast for the family.

I welcome all inquiries for product reviews, advertisements, sponsorships, recipe devlopment and promotional appearances.

I am also available to serve as your private chef and to cater your next event in the Greater Seattle area. 

To contact me email: em_ribeiro@yahoo.com